Aged 74 and over

Here’s all the information you need to get a free over 75 TV Licence. We recommend you do this when you’re 74 years old, as it will make getting your over 75 TV Licence much simpler when you’re 75.

Already 75 years old? Apply for an over 75 TV Licence.

What is an over 75 TV Licence

After your 75th birthday, you can get a free TV Licence. It covers you as well as anyone you live with.

Please remember that you don’t automatically get an over 75 TV Licence on your 75th birthday. You have to apply for one.

If you’re about to turn 75, please do not cancel your Direct Debit or any other payment for your TV Licence. Once we’ve sent you confirmation of your over 75 TV Licence, we’ll cancel your Direct Debit for you.

If we cancel your Direct Debit after your 75th birthday – and you end up overpaying – we will refund you for the difference.

How to apply for an over 75 TV Licence (PDF 44 Kb opens in a new window)