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13 October 2014
TV Licensing: Has your town embraced tech or clung on to the cheque?
Some towns and cities across the UK are forging ahead by leading the adoption of online payment channels while others prefer lower tech methods, according to figures released today by TV Licensing.

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29 September 2014
TV Licensing: Money matters to students
As term begins and students make a start to their studies, a report has revealed personal finance is the number one priority for undergraduates, many will be taking on new responsibilities such as a first-time TV Licence.
22 September 2014
TV Licensing: 'Night owls fuel midnight shopping trend'
Over the past 12 months, 42,000 people updated their details or bought a TV Licence online between midnight and 6am while most of us are fast asleep. This marks a 40 per cent increase over the same period four years ago.
30 August 2014
TV Licensing launches radio trails aimed at students
TV Licensing will launch a series of new radio trails on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra on Saturday 30 August. The trails are part of a wider campaign encouraging students to make sure they are covered by a TV Licence in their student accommodation if they plan to watch programmes as they are being broadcast.
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TV Licensing facts

  • Around 25m licences are currently in force, a record number.
  • TV Licensing's database contains approximately 31m UK addresses.
  • TV Licensing enquiry officers made about 3.8m visits in 2012/13.
  • Enquiry officers together catch an average of almost 1,000 evaders every day.
  • TV Licensing collected £3.7bn in revenue in 2012/13, up £6.7m from the previous year.
  • Collection costs in 2012/13 were £111m, just 3 per cent of total revenue.
  • In the last year 2.8m licences were sold online, an increase from 2.5m last year and representing nearly a third (34 per cent) of sales excluding direct debit renewals and Over 75 licences (which are renewed automatically).
  • TV Licensing produces literature in 18 languages and offers 180 languages via translation services at its call centres. The website offers information in 16 different languages.

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