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18 August 2014
Students move 91 miles to study
TV Licensing is encouraging students moving away from home to study to check whether they will need a TV Licence.

Other news

18 August 2014
Watch two live programmes at once? You're 'programme packing'.
Tech-savvy adults, not content with viewing one live TV programme, are watching as many as three programmes at any one time, research conducted by TV Licensing revealed today.
05 August 2014
TV Licensing asks salon owners to 'cut hair, not corners and buy a TV Licence'
Tech-savvy salon managers who cut corners when cutting hair by not buying a TV Licence could be in line for the ‘hairdryer treatment’ from a local magistrate, which is why TV Licensing is urging managers and owners to make sure their businesses are correctly licensed.
24 July 2014
TV Licensing releases 2014 Annual Review
TV Licensing’s Annual Report, published today, sets out TV Licensing’s main achievements for customers over the past year.
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TV Licensing facts

  • Around 25m licences are currently in force, a record number.
  • TV Licensing's database contains approximately 31m UK addresses.
  • TV Licensing enquiry officers made about 3.8m visits in 2012/13.
  • Enquiry officers together catch an average of almost 1,000 evaders every day.
  • TV Licensing collected £3.7bn in revenue in 2012/13, up £6.7m from the previous year.
  • Collection costs in 2012/13 were £111m, just 3 per cent of total revenue.
  • In the last year 2.8m licences were sold online, an increase from 2.5m last year and representing nearly a third (34 per cent) of sales excluding direct debit renewals and Over 75 licences (which are renewed automatically).
  • TV Licensing produces literature in 18 languages and offers 180 languages via translation services at its call centres. The website offers information in 16 different languages.

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