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06 September 2018
Debt, partying and TV Licence evasion top list of worries for Uni parents
With A-Level results now in, parents of undergraduates across the land are fretting about their offspring leaving home comforts for life in student digs. Many students will be fending for themselves for the first time, often moving to a new city and taking on new responsibilities such as a TV Licence, needed for live TV on any channel and BBC programmes on iPlayer.
04 July 2018
Students may be entitled to a £50 TV Licensing refund
As universities across the country approach the end of term, TV Licensing is reminding cash-strapped students across the UK that they may be entitled to a refund worth over £50.
11 June 2018
TV Licensing: Avoid a world cup penalty with a TV Licence
As World Cup fever grips millions of TV viewers around the UK this summer, TV Licensing is reminding supporters to make sure they are correctly covered by a TV Licence to avoid falling foul of a penalty.
11 June 2018
TV Licensing: Avoid a world cup penalty with a TV Licence
Ahead of World Cup fever this summer, TV Licensing is reminding pubs and sports clubs across the UK to check they are correctly covered by a TV Licence to avoid falling foul of a penalty.
24 May 2018
TV Licensing: New interactive map tackles embarrassment around debt advice
Embarrassment is a key factor preventing people in financial difficulty asking for help, research has revealed. Being unaware of the help available also contributes to delays in seeking advice.
17 April 2018
Problems paying your TV Licence? There's help at hand
TV Licensing is encouraging people in financial difficulties to ask for help if they are struggling to pay for a TV Licence. According to a new report from Christians Against Poverty (CAP), 8.3 million people in the UK live with problem debt, with an inability to afford household bills, keep up with repayments and meet the cost of servicing credit.
09 April 2018
New TV Licensing flexible payment plan launched
Since 1 April 2018, the BBC is trialling a new simpler payment plan for the licence fee. The government changed the rules on 9 March 2018 allowing the BBC to introduce this pilot scheme to help people who are struggling to pay or to keep up with payments.
26 March 2018
TV Licence reminder for hotels and guest houses
According to the latest industry figures1 overseas visits to the UK are forecast to break through the 40 million mark for the first time this year, reaching 41.7 million, up 4.4% on 2017.
05 March 2018
300,000 can renew and save £3.50 off licence fee
More than 300,000 households could save money by renewing their TV Licence on time by 31 March, TV Licensing has announced today.
12 February 2018
Too busy to watch TV? – TV Licensing asks businesses to get in touch if they don’t need a licence
New research from TV Licensing has revealed some businesses are ‘too busy for TV’ so don’t require a TV licence.

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