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09 December 2013
TV Licensing - Have a tinsel-TV Christmas
Families will watch more than an additional six hours1 of their favourite television programmes over Christmas week, according to new figures released by TV Licensing today.
22 November 2013
Over 75s urged to claim free TV Licence
TV Licensing and Independent Age are reminding anyone celebrating their 75th birthday in the next 12 months they will be entitled to claim a free TV Licence on this landmark birthday.
06 November 2013
Students encouraged to buy TV Licence or face fine
Figures released today by TV Licensing reveal more than 25,000 adults under the age of 25 were caught watching live TV without a TV Licence in the past year.
16 October 2013
Even Santa's grotto needs a TV Licence
With Santa’s helpers setting up shopping centre grottos and ice rinks ready to show the latest music videos, TV Licensing today issued a reminder that all businesses need a TV Licence to show live TV.
04 October 2013
Students: Unicorns, Time Travel and a TV Licence
Money conscious students would happily spend hundreds of pounds on bizarre, surreal and fanciful events, TV Licensing reveals.
06 September 2013
You’ve got mail: 4.2m say yes to email TV Licence
TV Licensing today revealed more than 4.2m customers have opted to forgo their traditional paper TV Licence, and to receive their annual licence by email instead.
20 August 2013
TV Licensing offers advice to Students
With A-level results confirmed this month, TV Licensing is working with UCAS to help new students and their parents understand the law around watching TV before moving into university halls or rented student accommodation.
16 August 2013
Taking your TV? Move your TV Licence on a Monday
According to figures released today by TV Licensing, August is the busiest month for moving house, so TV Licensing is reminding summer home movers and renters to ‘take their TV Licence with them.’
02 August 2013
TV Licensing back on the box with two new trails
TV Licensing will return to the small screen this weekend with a new TV trail demonstrating the ease with which home-movers can transfer their TV Licence to a new address online.
02 August 2013
TV Licensing reminds hotel owners to get licensed
The UK is basking in sunshine, schools have broken up and the summer getaway has begun. With the bank holiday fast approaching, hotels across the UK look set for a busy August. So before the mid-summer rush for rooms really starts, TV Licensing is appealing to hotels and guest houses across the UK to make the sure they are correctly licensed.

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