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17 April 2013
TV Licensing marks 35 years of home recording
Nearly a third of UK households (29 per cent) are still using the very first ground breaking “timeshifting” TV technology – the humble VCR, TV Licensing today reported. TV Licensing marks 35 years of home recording
15 March 2013
TV Licencing reveals elation across the nation
We are TeleHappy: A look at the UK’s changing viewing habits from TV Licensing reveals annual viewing trends and the nation’s TeleHappiness Index.
19 February 2013
TV Licensing: Over 400,000 evaders caught in UK
UK's evasion rate is one of the lowest in Europe.
04 February 2013
TV Licensing in Hotels: Make Sure You're Licensed
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and with it, the first ‘celebratory’ weekend of 2013, TV Licensing is appealing to hotels and guest houses across the UK to make the sure they are correctly licensed.
22 January 2013
Landlords can avoid the sin bin with a TV Licence
With the 2013 RBS 6 Nations championship kicking off on Saturday 2 February, TV Licensing is reminding pubs and clubs across the home nations to make sure they are correctly covered by a TV Licence.
10 January 2013
TV Licensing: Black and white is still alright
Over 13,000 people in the UK enjoy black and white TV
17 December 2012
TV Licensing: UK trend for gifts that keep giving
TV Licensing today released figures which suggest more than half of us might find a gift-that-keeps-giving under the tree this Christmas, a trend which reflects current time and money pressures facing families.
04 October 2012
TV Licensing reveals new student research
New research* commissioned by TV Licensing has found students may be unaware of the law for watching live TV online.
12 September 2012
Free TV Licence for over-75s
With more than 465,000 people in the UK due to turn 75 this year, TV Licensing and Independent Age are reminding older TV Licence holders they will be entitled to a free TV Licence on their 75th birthday.
07 September 2012
TV Licensing launch ‘Talking Laptop’ to students
Voiceovers by BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ’s Dev Griffin, Greg James and Sarah-Jane Crawford

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