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30 August 2014
TV Licensing launches radio trails aimed at students
TV Licensing will launch a series of new radio trails on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra on Saturday 30 August. The trails are part of a wider campaign encouraging students to make sure they are covered by a TV Licence in their student accommodation if they plan to watch programmes as they are being broadcast.
18 August 2014
Students move 91 miles to study
TV Licensing is encouraging students moving away from home to study to check whether they will need a TV Licence.
18 August 2014
Watch two live programmes at once? You're 'programme packing'.
Tech-savvy adults, not content with viewing one live TV programme, are watching as many as three programmes at any one time, research conducted by TV Licensing revealed today.
05 August 2014
TV Licensing asks salon owners to 'cut hair, not corners and buy a TV Licence'
Tech-savvy salon managers who cut corners when cutting hair by not buying a TV Licence could be in line for the ‘hairdryer treatment’ from a local magistrate, which is why TV Licensing is urging managers and owners to make sure their businesses are correctly licensed.
24 July 2014
TV Licensing releases 2014 Annual Review
TV Licensing’s Annual Report, published today, sets out TV Licensing’s main achievements for customers over the past year.
21 July 2014
There's no Teletubbies road, yet
TV Licensing plots children's TV programme inspired by map of the UK
16 June 2014
TV coverage is music to the ears' says TV Licensing
As the summer festival season gets under way this weekend, thousands will brave the vagaries of the British climate in a bid to catch a glimpse of their favourite band on a distant outdoor stage. For those who prefer their creature comforts, watching a summer of amazing live music festivals on TV may be the answer – as long as they are covered by a TV Licence.
02 June 2014
TV Licensing remind businesses to be licensed ahead of a summer of sport
Whether it’s football, tennis, athletics, or cycling, sports fans around the UK are all set to enjoy a summer of sport playing out live on their TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So TV Licensing is asking businesses and business owners to make sure they are correctly licensed ahead of a massive summer of televised sport and providing a helpful Workplace Viewing Guide to clarify how staff or customers can watch live TV at work and be correctly licensed.
12 May 2014
Calling all Students: Snap up your TV Licence refund
As the summer draws closer and students across the UK prepare for their end-of-year exams, TV Licensing is reminding those moving home for the summer they may be able to claim a refund, worth £36.67, on their licence.
09 May 2014
Avoid scoring 'nul points' for your Eurovision party - make sure you have a TV Licence
Ahead of one of the biggest live TV events in the European music calendar, the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, TV Licensing is reminding anyone planning a Eurovision party to make sure they are correctly licensed before their guests arrive.

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