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12 May 2011
‘Cash-back’ - TV Licensing refund for students
TV Licensing is reminding students moving back home for the summer holidays that they could be eligible for a refund of around £37 on the final quarter of their annual TV Licence.
04 March 2011
Report reveals latest UK TV watching trends
People watch an hour a day more TV than they think, TV Licensing research shows.
15 February 2011
Pub landlords should avoid RBS 6 Nations penalty
Pub landlords reminded to avoid a penalty during RBS 6 Nations.
21 January 2011
TV Licensing publishes annual evader statistics
Almost 400,000 caught in 2010,
21 January 2011
TV Licence evasion not worth risk to reputation
Cutting corners in tough times just not an option, say SMEs
21 January 2011
Older residents urged to enjoy free TV Licence
TV Licensing urges older residents to join the thousands enjoying their free over 75 licence
06 December 2010
TV Licensing reveals shocker excuses of the year
Haggling, incontinent animals and the plain daft top this year's list!
01 December 2010
Text message comes of age!
TV Licensing toasts the birthday of SMS by reminding people that they can pay for their licence by text.
17 August 2010
44% unaware TV Licence required to watch TV online
Businesses may need to get licensed ahead of England’s big games to stay within the law
03 June 2010
400,000 can renew and save in March
400,000 can save by renewing TV Licence early this month

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