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06 December 2010
TV Licensing reveals shocker excuses of the year
Haggling, incontinent animals and the plain daft top this year's list!
01 December 2010
Text message comes of age!
TV Licensing toasts the birthday of SMS by reminding people that they can pay for their licence by text.
17 August 2010
44% unaware TV Licence required to watch TV online
Businesses may need to get licensed ahead of England’s big games to stay within the law
03 June 2010
400,000 can renew and save in March
400,000 can save by renewing TV Licence early this month
03 June 2010
Don't let a TV Licence fine leave egg on your face
This Easter TV Licensing issues reminder to UK tourist industry ahead of visiting
03 June 2010
Students: worried about mounting debts?
Don’t forget your TV Licence refund!
03 June 2010
40 years since first World Cup in colour
Up to 25,000 could watch 2010 tournament in black and white. You need a licence whatever way you watch, says TV Licensing
19 January 2010
TV Licensing unveils new communication campaign
TV Licensing announces the launch of a new communications campaign

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