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09 July 2020
TV Licensing assures customers that implementing the new over 75s licence fee concession will be Covid-19 safe
Following the BBC Board’s confirmation that the BBC will begin the new scheme covering the over 75s licence fee concession from 1 August this year, TV Licensing is assuring customers that implementation of the new scheme will be Covid-19 safe.
13 November 2019
Thousands of black and white TVs still in use as BBC One in colour hits 50
As BBC One celebrates its 50th anniversary of colour television this week, TV Licensing has revealed that more than 6,500 UK households are still watching TV programmes on black and white TV sets.
22 October 2019
Over 20,000 young people interviewed for watching TV without a TV Licence
More than 20,000 young people aged 18 to 25 have been interviewed by TV Licensing Visiting Officers for watching live TV or BBC iPlayer without a valid licence in the last year, according to figures released by TV Licensing.
26 September 2019
Unmissable TV moments like Eurovision, Love Island and the Women's World Cup unite 18-24 year-olds
Unmissable live TV events are the most watched linear TV programmes by 18-24 year-olds throughout the UK and may hold the key to building lasting friendships, latest figures released by TV Licensing reveal.
20 September 2019
TV Licensing urges pubs to avoid a Rugby World Cup penalty
As the Rugby World cup kicks off in Japan, TV Licensing is advising all publicans to avoid a penalty and check they are correctly covered by a TV licence if they plan to show live matches.
10 June 2019
Over 75s need not take immediate action, says TV Licensing
TV Licensing customers over 75 will remain covered by a free TV licence until 31 May 2020.
03 May 2019
Students reminded to claim their TV Licence refund
Students moving home for the summer are being reminded by TV Licensing that they could be entitled to £50 in the form of a refund.
01 March 2019
Up to 300,000 can renew and save £4.00 off licence fee
Up to 300,000 households could save money by renewing their TV Licence promptly by 31 March 2019.
29 January 2019
Pub landlord reminder to avoid TV Licence penalty during Six Nations tournament
With rugby’s Six Nations Championship kicking off on 1st February, TV Licensing together with the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) is advising all pub landlords and managers across the home nations to check they are covered by a TV licence if they plan to show the contest.
08 January 2019
New year TV Licensing reminder for gyms
Any gym or leisure centre that allows customers, staff or visitors to watch live TV programmes on any channel, or download or watch BBC iPlayer whilst they exercise, must be covered by a TV licence.

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