How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit if you'd like to:

  • request a refund,
  • apply for a concessionary licence,
  • change payment scheme.

We will cancel your Direct Debit for you.

I want to change my payment scheme or payment date

If you’d like to change how you pay, for example monthly or weekly, or change your payment method, find out more.

To change the date we take your Direct Debit payment, please sign in and update your details online. To do this you’ll need to enter your licence number, last name, and postcode.

Find out how to get your licence number

Am I eligible for a refund?

Find out when to cancel your licence and request a refund.

I want to apply for a concessionary (free or reduced fee) licence

When you apply for a free over 75 licence or a blind licence, you don’t need to cancel your Direct Debit. When we process your application we will cancel it for you and refund any money that we owe you.

I don’t need my licence at any address. I want to cancel it.

Cancelling your Direct Debit does not cancel your licence.

Please use our Contact us form and tell us why you’re cancelling, your current address (and your old address if you’ve moved).

Once you’ve done this, make sure you cancel your Direct Debit with your bank.

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