BBC Trust Statement

The BBC Trust statement on the Television Licence Fee is a set of financial statements containing an annual report and accounts on revenue from licence fee customers. The document also contains reports by the National Audit office who have audited the financial statements and the processes for collecting the licence fee.


BBC Trust Statement: TV Licence Fee for 2014 (PDF 834 KB opens in a new window)


BBC Trust Statement:TV Licence Fee for 2013 (PDF 645 KB opens in a new window)


BBC Trust statement: TV Licence Fee for 2012 (PDF 3,349 KB opens in a new window)


BBC Trust statement: TVLicence Fee for 2011 (PDF 514 KB opens in a new window)

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With more than 465,000 people in the UK due to turn 75 this year, TV Licensing and Independent Age are reminding older TV Licence holders they will be entitled to a free TV Licence on their 75th birthday.
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