Cheques and postal orders

Pay your TV licence in full by sending your payment by post. If this is the most convenient way for you to pay, please follow the instructions below.

How to pay by cheque or postal order

How to pay by cheque or postal order

Write out your cheque or postal order

Make payable to ‘TV Licensing’.

Check that the amount in words and numbers matches.

Use today's date (not post-dated).

If paying by cheque, please make sure it's signed.

Please write the following on the back of the cheque

  • Your name and address
  • Your current TV Licence number if you are renewing
Send your payment to

Customer Services
TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

Your TV Licence will then be sent to you in the post within 10 working days. You’ll also be able to view your TV Licence online.

How much a TV Licence costs

How much a TV Licence costs

Colour £147
Black and white £49.50
Colour with blind concession


Black and white with blind concession


Short-term TV Licence (for 74 year olds)

The cost varies according to how many months the short term licence needs to cover. To find out how much you need to pay, please call us on 0300 790 6165*, with your name and address, date of birth, current TV Licence number and National Insurance Number.

For more details, please see Aged 74 or over page.

*This is only available if you’re certified blind (severely sight impaired). Please go to the blind concession page for more details on how to apply.

If you still have questions take a look at TV Licensing FAQs where you can find all the answers in one place.

*Calls to our 0300 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive minutes with your mobile, calls to an 0300 number will be included.

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