TV Licence refunds

Please complete an online application form if you wish to apply for a refund

Once you have completed your application form online, you may be required to print it, sign it and send it to us with evidence of your claim.

You may need to print this application form at the end of the process

Log into 'Your TV Licence' to speed up your online refund application.

Please note: You need to supply the TV Licence holder's last name, TV Licence number and postcode of the TV Licence you're claiming a refund for.

Do you pay by Direct Debit?

If you pay by Direct Debit and wish to stop your TV Licence payments immediately, you will also need to cancel the Direct Debit with your bank.


We may ask for proof of your claim

We may ask for proof to support your refund claim. In this event you will need to print the application form, sign it and supply the evidence requested.