TV Licensing back on the box with two new trails

TV Licensing will return to the small screen this weekend with a new TV trail demonstrating the ease with which home-movers can transfer their TV Licence to a new address online.

The trail, ‘8 Times,’ plays on the fact that UK families will move house, on average, eight times during their lives. The trail uses close-up images of the chores associated with moving such as redecorating, moving boxes and locating the stopcock, to highlight by contrast how easy it is to update a TV Licence online in a matter of mouse clicks.

The campaign will be followed by a second trail, launching towards the end of August, which demonstrates the simple way customers can pay for their TV Licence in weekly instalments. ‘Weekly’ uses quick cuts of a family watching TV throughout the year from January through to December, ending with the tag line ‘Every year comes in weekly instalments. So why not pay your TV Licence in weekly instalments too?’

Catriona Ferguson, TV Licensing, Head of Marketing said:

We’ve taken the opportunity to build on our very well-received customer service based trails, All at Once and Busy. Our aim is to show customers that we are empathetic to their needs and the way in which they live their lives today.

The trails will run across BBC TV channels from Saturday 3 August and will be posted on the TV Licensing YouTube channel.

The trails were designed by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and were produced by Red Bee.

Exclusive: Watch ‘8 Times’ and ‘Weekly’ on the TV Licensing YouTube channel from Friday 2 August at

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