Students: Unicorns, Time Travel and a TV Licence

Money conscious students would happily spend hundreds of pounds on bizarre, surreal and fanciful events, TV Licensing reveals.

Turning on its head the image of the perennially ‘broke’ student, the TV Licensing questionnaire shows money would be no object for truly out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Rather than checking out the up-and-coming acts who traditionally tour student union bars up and down the country, students would prefer to pay a whopping £767 for a private gig from their favourite band.

For the ability to travel through time, students would be prepared to pay a hefty £714, potentially a wise use of grant money for those undergraduates who are always late handing in their coursework.

For the chance to have a cameo in their favourite TV show, today’s students would be happy to hand over £502.70, or £461.40 if TV presenter and all-round-brainbox Stephen Fry would write an essay for them.

Students would also be willing to pay hundreds of pounds for the chance to have Sir David Attenborough narrate theirlife for the day, ride a unicorn (£394.90) or get a lift home from Top Gear’s ‘tame racing driver’ The Stig (£282.10).

Stephen Farmer, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said:

For many young people going to university this autumn will be the first time they’ve had to seriously budget their own money. Whilst spending money on unicorn rides and private gigs would be fun, students should concentrate on the very real bills and costs they will be facing such as buying books for course work and paying utility bills and their TV Licence.
Paying for a bill in one go can be difficult, but breaking it down to either a daily or weekly payment can make it much more manageable. It’s easy to pay for a TV Licence, a licence can be paid for over 12 monthly instalments for a little over £12 a month or even weekly using a payment card.

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Students told TV Licensing how much they would pay for the following experiences:

Enjoy your own private gig from your favourite band £767.00
Be able to travel through time £714.20
Be able to talk to any animal you like £592.20
Play a cameo role in your favourite TV show £502.70
Have Stephen Fry write an essay for you £461.40
Have Sir David Attenborough narrate your life for a day £437.10
Be on the panel of your favourite comedy quiz show £407.50
Ride a unicorn £394.90
Get a lift home from The Stig in a car of your choice £282.10
Be the proud owner of internet sensation grumpy cat £222.70


Qualitative student survey conducted by Bright Young Minds with 1,004 students across the UK on behalf of TV Licensing. Results correct as at May, 2013.



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