TV dealers

The law has changed. Your TV Licence now also covers you to download or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer. Find out more

The Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1967 (as amended) has been repealed, meaning that from 25 June 2013 onwards you no longer need to send us customer name and address details when you sell or rent out TV equipment. This also means your business no longer has to keep sales records to comply with the law on TV Licensing. If you don’t need these records for anything else you can destroy them from 25 June.

Do I need a TV Licence for my business?

If you’re a TV dealer you do not need a licence to demonstrate, repair or test TV equipment, or to install television equipment on delivery. If you have not already, please inform us you are a TV dealer so we can contact you in the appropriate way. You can email us at or call 0300 790 6015.

Please remember, this exemption is for business purposes only. If you, your staff, or customers watch or record television programmes as they are being shown on TV at your premises – in a staff room or waiting area, for example – you must be covered by a TV Licence.

If our records show that your business premises are not covered by a TV Licence or a dealer exemption we will write to you and you may receive an enquiry visit from one of our enforcement officers.

If you still have questions take a look at TV Licensing FAQs where you can find all the answers in one place.

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