Residential care homes and sheltered accommodation

As a manager of a residential care home, supported housing or sheltered accommodation, you need to make sure that residents, staff and guests are covered by a TV Licence if they need one.

An accommodation for residential care (ARC) concessionary TV Licence costs £7.50 per room, flat or bungalow. You can download forms to make a new application or add a resident to an existing scheme.

To see if your scheme qualifies for an ARC licence, please check below.

Does your accommodation qualify for a concessionary licence?

A care home

Registered under the Care Standards Act 2000.

An almshouse

Where the building itself, land it was built on or charity was established before 1 November 1949.

Or sheltered/supported accommodation

  1. Housed in a building that has been erected or converted for the purposes of occupation by residents that are retired and over 60, or disabled
  2. Forming part of a group of at least four dwellings within a common and exclusive boundary (up to 25% of units in a scheme can be properties purchased under the ‘Right to Buy’ legislation)
  3. Provided or managed by a not for profit organisation; including local authority or a housing associations
  4. With a person whose function is to care for the needs of the residents (e.g. a warden) and who either lives on site or works there for at least 30 hours a week, excluding on-call hours.
What needs to be covered

Communal areas, guest rooms and staff accommodation

If a TV Licence is required you’ll need to be covered by a full licence. This costs £159 for colour or £53.50 for black and white.

Staff or their families living in accommodation are responsible for ensuring that they are correctly licensed.

Pay for your TV Licence

Residents' accommodation

If your residents qualify for an ARC concessionary TV Licence, this costs £7.50 per room, flat or bungalow.

Do your residents qualify for a concessionary licence?

Your residents qualify if they are:


They must be 60 years old or over. If they’re in paid work, this must be for no more than 15 hours per week.

Or disabled

They must have substantially impaired sight, hearing or speech, a mental disorder or be substantially physically disabled by illness, any impairment present from birth or otherwise.

Preserved rights

There may be occasions where certain residents still qualify for a concession, but the scheme has lost its concession.

Find out more about preserved rights.

Claiming a refund

You can claim a refund for a resident's full fee TV Licence if:

They’ve already paid for a TV Licence and now qualify for an ARC Concessionary TV Licence.

Please complete a resident addition form and then send to the address below. We will add the resident to the existing scheme and refund their TV Licence.

TV Licensing
Concessionary Licensing Centre
DL98 1TL

The PDFs found below may be downloaded and printed out to be completed and returned by post to the address indicated below. The forms may be used to apply for a new ARC scheme or to add residents to an existing ARC scheme.

Adding residents to an existing ARC Licence

NOTE - Please make sure all residents are aware that while this additional application is being processed they need to be covered by their own licence. Residents should not assume they are covered by an ARC concessionary licence until confirmed by TV Licensing. Please use additional forms as necessary.

Renewing an ARC Licence

We will post your renewal notice to you around four to six weeks before your current licence expires. If you haven’t received your renewal notice two weeks before expiry, please let us know using Contact us .

When you have completed the forms

Once you’ve completed any of the forms above, please send them to:

TV Licensing
Concessionary Licence Centre
DL98 1TL

Further information

Please contact us if you would like more help in finding out if your accommodation qualifies for this licence:

*Calls to our 0300 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive minutes, calls to an 0300 number will be included free of charge.

General information about TV Licensing is available in other languages: