Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges must be covered by a valid TV Licence if anyone:

  • watches or records programmes as they’re being shown on TV, on any channel
  • watches or streams programmes live on an online TV service (such as ITV Hub, All 4, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc.)
  • downloads or watches any BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer.

This applies to any device, including a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorder.

Find out more about watching live TV.

Usually one TV Licence will cover the entire school or college. However, in some cases certain areas need a separate TV Licence. Please check below to ensure your school is correctly licensed.

It costs £159 for colour and £53.50 for a black and white TV Licence.

A single TV Licence will cover

All TV receiving equipment being used at all sites within the same town and under the control of the same senior official.

This includes all buildings, vehicles, vessels or caravans being used for educational purposes, as long as they are in the same town and under the control of the same senior official.

A single TV Licence won’t cover

Residential accommodation within your premises

For example, students living in halls of residence and live-in staff.

Welfare or social clubs

If these are on the school/college premises, and are run independently of the school/college.

Other businesses or organisations

If the premises are sublet by the school/college.

You don’t need a TV Licence for
  • Watching on demand or catch up programmes on services other than BBC iPlayer
  • Watching S4C TV on demand
  • Streaming, renting or buying movies from providers like Sky, Virgin Media, BT TV, Netflix or Amazon
  • Watching DVDs, Blu-rays or videos
  • Playing internet video clips through services like YouTube or to play video games
  • CCTV.

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If you still have questions take a look at TV Licensing FAQs where you can find all the answers in one place.

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