How much is a TV Licence?

The cost of a TV Licence is £159 for a colour licence and £53.50 for a black and white licence. In some cases, you may be entitled to a reduced fee TV Licence (see table below).

You can pay for your licence all in one go or spread the cost.

Reduced TV Licence fees

Reduced TV Licence fees

Aged 74 and over

Looking for the TV Licence cost for pensioners receiving Pension Credit?

If you are aged 74 or over, you could be entitled to a free licence. Anyone aged 75 or over receiving Pension Credit is eligible to apply for a free TV Licence, paid for by the BBC. Pension Credit can be in the name of the licence holder, or in their partner’s name if they are a couple.

Care home residents Residents may qualify for a discounted TV Licence fee of £7.50. Residents, staff and residents’ families all need a separate licence for their own living area.
Blind (severely sight impaired)? You’re entitled to a 50% TV Licence price reduction in your TV Licence fee if you’re blind (severely sight impaired).
Cost of a TV Licence to cover multiple units

Cost of a TV Licence to cover multiple units

Some businesses can apply for a TV Licence to cover a number of accommodation or mobile units (for hotels, hostels, mobile units and campsites), or entertainment units (for hospitality areas). For more information, visit the pages below:

Hotels, hostels, mobile units and campsites

Hospitality areas

The licence fee will be based on the number of units offered where a TV receiver is installed or used.

To cover up to 15 units You only need to pay one TV Licence fee of £159.
To cover more than 15 units There will be one fee for the first 15 units and an additional fee of £159 for every extra 5 units or fewer.
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