What do I do if I've lost my TV Licence?

You don’t need to worry if you’ve lost your TV Licence. Your licence is already stored safely and securely online (so you don’t actually need a paper one). To view it you’ll need your licence number, which you can find on letters and emails we’ve sent you. And if you receive your licence by post it’s on the reminder we send you when your licence is due for renewal.

If you sign in to your TV Licence you can:

  • view and download your licence (and print it if you really want to)
  • change your details
  • view your balance and next payment (if you pay in instalments)
  • view your payment plan (if you pay by Direct Debit).

If you’ve moved home, you’ll need to update your details to your new address to ensure you receive your renewal notice.

Switch to TV Licence by Email

Whether you receive your licence by post or not, your licence is always available online and you don’t need a paper licence. Switch to TV Licence by email.

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