Why should I choose to get my licence by email?

You don’t need a paper licence. You already have one stored safely and securely online. So why not receive a link to your licence by email instead?

A licence by email makes managing your licence easier. We’ll send you a link to view it online when your licence renews, and you can make changes if you need to and see your payment plan.

No wonder around 90% of people who buy a licence online prefer to get their next licence by email.

More reasons why a licence by email is more convenient than a paper licence:

  • Secure – your bank and contact details are kept safe online.
  • Easy to find – because it’s online, you’ll never again have to search through your cupboards and drawers to find your paper licence.
  • Easy to change – simply sign in online to update your address, bank details and name if you need to.

So, if you pay for your licence by Direct Debit or in one annual payment, you can switch to a licence by email now.

Go paperless

It’s easy to switch. All you need is the licence number, surname and postcode on your licence.

Find your TV Licence number

Have you activated your online licence?

Watch our short guide on how to convert your paper licence to an online licence.

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