Other websites offering TV Licensing services

We have no connection with the website movemy.co.uk. We always advise customers to buy or manage their TV Licence here on the official TV Licensing website.

There are a number of unofficial websites charging for buying or managing your TV Licence. These websites may provide you with a premium rate phone number, offer other products, or charge you an additional fee for a service that we provide for free.

Please be aware that some of these websites may be misleading or fraudulent and may not carry out the service they promised (e.g. purchasing a licence for you or changing your licence details).

We do not endorse any sites offering TV Licensing services - such as 'MOVEMY' (movemy.co.uk) - and there is no link between any of these sites and the official TV Licensing website: www.tvlicensing.co.uk. In online searches, the TV Licensing website will always be marked as the official TV Licensing website or marked ‘TM’ to indicate the TV Licensing trademark.

Please be assured that whenever we become aware of any website that we believe is acting in a fraudulent or misleading manner, we alert the relevant authorities and take other action within our control.

TV Licensing provides information which can be accessed for free on our website or through phone numbers charged at standard national rates. We do not charge you for changing your licensing details, and we do not add any service charge on top of the £159 cost of a standard colour TV Licence (or £164 for a licence paid for by quarterly direct debit).

If you need any further advice, please contact us.

Four quick ways to spot a scam

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