I’m moving abroad – how do I cancel my licence?

If you’re no longer going to be living in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and you won’t need your licence again before it expires, you can request a refund or just cancel your licence.

How to request a refund

You can request a refund up to two weeks before you move. If we approve your refund, your licence will be cancelled automatically.

Claim a refund online

Find out how we work out refunds

How to cancel your TV Licence

If you’re not eligible for a refund, you can still cancel your licence.

If you pay by Direct Debit or the full amount with a debit/credit card:

  • Tell us when you'll be moving using our online cancellation form now
  • Once you've cancelled your licence, make sure you cancel your Direct Debit with your bank, if this is how you pay.

If you pay with a TV Licensing payment card please contact us.

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