I'm over 74 but the licence at my home is in someone else's name. Can I apply for a free over 75 licence?

Due to social distancing as a result of Covid-19 we have significantly fewer staff than usual. We are sorry but this means we are only able to provide an essential service over the phone at the moment. It is also taking us much longer to respond to emails and letters. If you need to contact us, please first check our Covid-19 help page.

The government funded, free over 75 TV Licence scheme is being replaced on 1 August 2020. Find out more.

Yes. If you are over 74 and share your home with a licence holder who is under 74, you can still apply for a free over 75 TV Licence in your own name.

You’ll just need to tell us the household’s existing licence number. Don't know your licence number?

If you are applying when you are 74, you will receive your free over 75 TV Licence in the month of your 75th birthday. If you paid by card or cheque to cover you until then, you will receive a receipt which shows you are covered until your 75th birthday. Please keep this safe.

Please call 0300 790 6130 and we’ll talk you through what you need to do.

When you call please have to hand:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your name, address and postcode
  • The current TV Licence number for your household

Find out how to apply for a free over 75 licence.

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