As the licence holder, can I transfer my licence to someone who is eligible for a free over 75 licence?

The government funded, free over 75 TV Licence scheme is being replaced on 1 June 2020.

Yes you can. The person in your home who is 74 first can apply for a free over 75 licence in their name.

If the person applying is 74:

When they apply, they will need to need to tell us the household’s existing licence number so that we can transfer the licence.

If they pay by card or cheque, they will receive a receipt which shows they are covered until their 75th birthday, which they should keep safe. We will automatically send out their free over 75 licence in the month of their 75th birthday.

If the person applying is 75

If the person applying is already 75, as the current licence holder you will be eligible for a refund on any full months left to run on your licence. If you pay by Direct Debit please don’t cancel your Direct Debit.

Once they have this licence, you can cancel your old licence and request a refund. This will make sure that your property isn’t unlicensed for a period of time.

Find out how to apply for a free over 75 TV Licence

For more information on the free over 75 free licence see Aged 74 and over.

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