What happens when I move home?

When you move home your TV Licence doesn’t automatically move with you, so you will need to move your licence by signing into your licence and updating your address. You can let us know the date of your move and your new address up to three months before hand. You’ll need your TV Licence number to do this.

Don't know your licence number?

If you pay for someone else’s licence by Direct Debit and have moved, you can update your details (name, address, bank account, correspondence address and email) to ensure you receive reminders and payment plan updates. You’ll need the licence number, the licence holder’s last name and postcode to sign in. If you don’t know the TV Licence number, you can use your bank details or email address to find it.

Please don’t cancel your licence when you move. In most cases you won’t need to cancel your licence. Find out more about cancellations and refunds and moving address.

Not moving in straight away? Tell us your new property is empty to stop receiving the letters we send to unlicensed addresses.

Please tell us if you’ve already declared you don’t need a licence and are moving home.

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