Helping you avoid TV Licensing scams – text messages and telephone calls

If you have received a text message and aren’t sure if it’s genuine, the following advice may help you. If you’d like to check your licence or payment plan you can sign in to our website.

Firstly, what we'll never do:

  • We’ll never send you a text message to tell you you’re entitled to a refund
  • We’ll never ask you to set up a payment plan or provide your bank details by text message
  • We’ll never ask you to enter any personal details into our website until you’ve successfully signed into your licence. To do this you’ll need your licence number, surname on the licence and the postcode of the address where the licence is held.

Before you enter any information, you should check the website address is our genuine website:

If you’ve received a suspicious text message, help stop the scammers and please report it to Action Fraud.

So, when do TV Licensing send text messages?

  • If you’re a TV Licensing or Simple Payment Plan payment card customer, we may send you a text to ask you to make a payment
  • If you’ve just signed up for Direct Debit, you may receive a text message letting you know when your first payment will be taken
  • If you’ve contacted us by phone or on our automated service – we may send you a confirmation message or a satisfaction survey
  • If you receive your licence through the post, you may receive a message asking you to go paperless

If you’re unsure if a text message you’ve received is genuine, you can sign-in to your licence online at any time. If the message asks you to call a number, please check it’s one of these numbers:

  • 0300 555 0293 if you pay by payment card
  • 0300 790 6082 if you pay by Direct Debit
  • 0300 555 0355 if you are a Simple Payment Plan customer

If you’ve received a text which asks you to call any other number, do not call the number included.

Received a phone call and not sure it’s genuine?

Occasionally we may call you if there’s a problem with your TV Licence. This will usually be about a missed payment, a cancelled Direct Debit, or a reminder to renew, so you may recognise what the call is about.

We’ll call you from either 0300 790 6075 or 0300 555 0285.

If you’re not sure the call is genuine, don’t provide any personal information. You can sign-in to view your licence and payment plan to check if there is any action required.

If you’ve contacted us with a query, one of our team may call you back but only to discuss your original query. This may be from a withheld number, but the call will only be to help you with the query you’ve raised.

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