Can I transfer my TV Licence to another person?

If you’re moving home

Yes. You can only transfer your TV Licence to someone who is living at the same address and is covered by your current TV Licence. To do this, we require written permission from yourself, the current TV Licence holder, confirming the above.

You’ll need to give us the following details:

  • Confirmation the new TV Licence holder is covered by the current TV Licence
  • Your name (current TV Licence holder)
  • TV Licence number

Please email us these details or you can send them to:

TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

If the other person has moved in after you have moved out you’ll need to cancel your licence. Find out more about moving address.

Not moving but want to change the ownership of the licence?

Want to pay for someone else?

You don’t have to transfer the licence if you want to pay for someone else.


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