Care home and sheltered accommodation residents

As a resident of a residential care home, supported housing or sheltered accommodation you may be able to benefit from a concessionary TV Licence. This is known as an Accommodation for residential care (ARC) licence. It costs £7.50 per room, flat or bungalow.

Find out more about when you need a TV Licence.

To see if you qualify for an ARC licence, please check below.

Do you qualify?

To qualify for an existing ARC concession you must be:


You must be 60 years old or over. If you’re in paid work, this must be for no more than 15 hours per week. You can only work for more than 15 hours per week if you’ve had an ARC Concessionary TV Licence since 31 March 2004.

Or disabled

You must have substantially impaired sight, hearing or speech, a mental disorder or be substantially physically disabled by illness, any impairment present from birth or otherwise.

And living in an eligible accommodation

Please speak to your warden or administrator to find out if your accommodation qualifies for this concession.

Preserved rights

There may be instances where certain residents still qualify for a concession, but the scheme has lost its concession.

Find out more about preserved rights.

Types of residential licences

You'll need one of these licences:

Accommodation for residential care (ARC) Concessionary TV Licence

This costs £7.50 per room, flat or bungalow.

Both you and your accommodation must qualify. You can check below to see if you are eligible. Please speak to your care home managers to find out if your accommodation qualifies. They are responsible for arranging this type of licence.

Full fee TV Licence for your room, flat or bungalow

This costs £159 for colour or £53.50 for black and white.

You’ll need one of these if neither you nor your care home qualifies for an ARC Concessionary licence. First though, see if you can get a concession.

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Claiming a refund

You can claim a refund on your full fee TV Licence if you’ve already paid for a TV Licence and now qualify for an ARC Concessionary TV Licence.

Please ask your care home manager to complete a resident addition form and send it to:

TV Licensing
Concessionary Licensing Centre
DL98 1TL

Further information

If you have any questions about the ARC Concessionary TV Licence, please contact us:

  • Contact us (in step 2 of the form click the 'Contact us' button at the bottom)
  • or call 0300 790 6011*

*Calls to our 0300 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive minutes, calls to an 0300 number will be included free of charge.


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