Do I qualify for a blind licence? What if I live with someone who is blind?

If you or someone you live with is blind (severely sight impaired), regardless of their age, you could receive a 50% discount on the cost of a TV Licence. This concession will cover anyone living in the same household.

Note - People who are partially sighted or sight impaired do not qualify for this concession.

A blind concession TV Licence costs £79.50 for a colour TV Licence and £26.75 for a black and white licence.

Transferring your licence to a blind person living at your address

If you already have a TV Licence, but it isn't in the name of the person who is blind (severely sight impaired), you’ll need to transfer the licence into their name. If the blind person is under 18, the application will need to be made in their name and with their medical certificate showing proof of entitlement. There is no minimum age as long as the appropriate evidence is forwarded to us.

You can do this by making a first time blind application. You’ll just need to enter the existing TV Licence number for your address when you apply.

Ask for your licence or any correspondence in Braille, large print or audio.
For more information visit our Blind (severely sight impaired) page.

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