What happens to my data if I want to pay for my licence by card?

Card payments are made through a secure payment page operated by our payment provider, Pay360.

When you make a debit or credit card payment to us, you will be asked to enter your card details and other information such as the postal address where the card is registered and an e-mail address.

This information is required to comply with Payment Card Industry security standards and will be used to check the card is not being used fraudulently and validate the transaction.

Pay360 will securely transfer your details to our bank (Barclaycard) who will share it with the relevant card network (for example Visa or Mastercard) and in turn with your bank so that validation and fraud checks can be carried out. You and TV Licensing are then informed whether the transaction was successful or not, and the money is then transferred from your bank to our bank.

The BBC remains responsible for any processing carried out by Pay360.

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