How can I view my payment plan to see my next Direct Debit payment?

You can check the date and amount of your next Direct Debit payment when you sign in to view your licence. Just check ‘payment details’ below your licence. You’ll need your TV Licence number to do this.

Don’t know your licence number?

I want to see my payment schedule and check how much I owe

Once you’ve signed in to view your licence, please choose ‘view my payment plan’.

Once you’ve entered the bank details we hold for you (sort code and account number) you can:

  • view your payment schedule
  • change your payment date or bank details
  • change Direct Debit payer details (if someone else pays for your licence);
  • print or save your payment plan and TV Licence.

I’m struggling to provide the correct bank details – why do you need them?

We ask for your bank details as an extra security measure to protect your personal information. We want to be sure that you are the person who pays for this TV Licence.

You’ll need the account details you use to make payments to TV Licensing. You could try searching your bank statement for ‘TV Licence’.

Do you pay by payment card?

Check your payment or savings card balance

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