How do I pay at a PayPoint store? Where’s my nearest?

You can pay at a PayPoint store with cash or debit card. There is no additional charge for paying for your TV Licence at a PayPoint.

You can buy a new TV Licence if you are paying all in one go.

You can renew an existing TV Licence or you can make payments towards your licence with a payment card or savings card.

Where is my nearest PayPoint store?

You can find your nearest PayPoint store at PayPoint locator. To check disabled access please call 0800 310 0000. PayPoint is not available in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, but you can pay at your local post office.

How can I pay towards my TV Licence with a payment card or savings card?

Take your payment card or savings card to a PayPoint store and tell the retailer how much you want to pay. You will be issued with a receipt as proof of payment, which you should keep with your licence.

How do I buy or renew a licence at a PayPoint store?

If you’re renewing your TV Licence you must take your reminder document with you.

If you’re buying a new licence for the first time, please supply the name and address for the licence to the retailer. You will be issued with a receipt which shows you are licensed - please keep this safe.

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