What are the terms and conditions of a standard TV Licence?

You means the person named on the licence.

What is a TV Licence needed for?

To use and install TV receiving equipment at the licensed place. It covers:

  • watching and recording programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, including programmes streamed over the internet and satellite programmes from outside the UK, and
  • watching and downloading BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on iPlayer.

This can be on any device, including TVs, desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, digital boxes, DVD, Blu-ray and VHS recorders, or anything else.

The licence allows use and installation of TV equipment:

  • At the licensed place by anyone.
  • In a vehicle, boat or caravan by:
    • You and anyone who normally lives with you at the licensed place (except in non-touring caravans when someone is watching or recording TV at the licensed place).
    • Anyone who normally works at the licensed place (so long as the vehicle, boat or caravan is being used for a business purpose).
  • Use of TV equipment powered by internal batteries anywhere by you and anyone who normally lives with you at the licensed place.

The licence usually does not cover:

  • Areas occupied solely by tenants, lodgers or paying guests
  • Areas that are self-contained
  • Areas covered by separate legal arrangements
  • Areas of business premises used for a different purpose.

Black and white licences

Even if you have a black and white TV, you need a colour licence to record programmes. This is because DVD, VHS and digital box recorders record in colour. A black and white licence is only valid if you use a digital box that can’t record TV programmes.

Other conditions

  • We can cancel or change your licence. If we cancel it, we will let you know.
  • If we change the licence conditions, we will publish a general notice on the BBC website and, if we consider it appropriate, in other national media.
  • Our Officers may visit the licensed place to check our records and inspect the TV receiving equipment. You don’t have to let them in.
  • The TV receiving equipment must not cause unreasonable interference to radio or TV reception.

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Please note: separate terms and conditions apply to the following types of TV Licence: hotel and mobile units TV Licence, ARC concessionary TV Licence and entertainment units TV Licence. If you have one of these, please refer to your licence for specific terms and conditions or contact us (in step 2 of the form click the 'Contact us' button at the bottom) for information.

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