TV Licensing: UK trend for gifts that keep giving

TV Licensing today released figures which suggest more than half of us might find a gift-that-keeps-giving under the tree this Christmas, a trend which reflects current time and money pressures facing families.

The poll, commissioned by TV Licensing and conducted by ICM, showed almost 60 per cent of people would consider giving some form of practical annual gift this year.

Of those who would consider giving such gifts, lessons, such as driving or even cooking, proved to be the most popular with respondents, as 36 per cent said they would consider the gift of education.

Magazine subscriptions and memberships were a popular choice for 32 per cent of respondents, and 27 per cent said they would consider buying a museum or art gallery membership this December. A smaller number would opt for creative, practical presents for the hard-to-buy for. More than a tenth (14 per cent) would buy a service voucher for MOT or domestic services, similarly, the gift of TV viewing, including an on-demand film package or TV Licence.

Stephen Farmer, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said:

For some people, the joy of Christmas day is over once the presents are opened. The socks are put in a drawer and the aftershave is wedged in the bathroom cabinet by Boxing Day.
Annual subscriptions, memberships and lessons are gifts that keep giving. Some, such as an on-demand film package or TV Licence provide a year of joy for the recipient, and allow the present-buyer to spread the cost of payments over a year.
These thoughtful gifts for families can ease the pressure of gift-giving, and can be bought online in minutes.

More than 1,000 TV Licences were purchased on Christmas Day last year. It’s easy to buy a licence online, amend or check personal details at any time at

10 annual gifts for families in the UK*

  1. MOT voucher at a local garage - £54.85
  2. Annual on-demand film subscription - £105.00
  3. Digital music subscription - £119.88
  4. Annual art gallery membership - £120.00
  5. Annual TV Licence - £145.50
  6. Local cinema subscription - £179.88
  7. Family membership to the zoo - £189.00
  8. Annual national newspaper subscription - £267.80
  9. 12 driving lessons - £300.00
  10. Season ticket to premier league football - £498.00 (adult and child)

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To arrange an interview with a TV Licensing spokesperson, or for further information please contact the TV Licensing Press Office at or call 0208 752 6606.

Notes to editors:

*10 annual gifts for families in order of monetary value:

  1. Cost based on MOT Gift Voucher at Halfords Autocentre
  2. Cost based on annual LOVEFiLM subscription (unlimited DVDs)
  3. Cost based on 12 month Spotify e-card
  4. Cost based on annual family Tate Membership (4 people)
  5. Cost based on annual TV Licence for a family home
  6. Cost based on Cineworld Unlimited annual subscription (excluding West End cinemas)
  7. Cost based on an annual ZSL (London Zoo) Gift Membership for a family
  8. Cost based on annual Daily Mail home delivery subscription
  9. Cost based on 12 driving lessons at AA rates £24/lesson
  10. Cost based on 2012/13 Season Ticket for Fulham FC (Family Zone) for an adult (£449) and child under 8 (£49) for the 2011/12 season.

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