TV Licensing reveals “Whatever’s easiest for you”

TV Licensing today announces the launch of a new communication campaign, 'Whatever’s easiest for you', which will be rolled out from Saturday 14th May.

The campaign, comprising BBC TV and radio trails, is designed to remind people about the different payment options available to them when paying for their licence.  There will be two creative executions: the first will focus on raising awareness of TV Licensing's website ( as a quick and convenient way for people to renew their licence, whilst the second highlights the many ways to spread the cost of the licence fee.

Both creative executions adopt a humorous storyline to engage the viewer. “Busy” shows a multi-tasking mum serve up the wrong food when trying to feed a hungry baby and pet at the same time, highlighting the ease and speed of online payment for those with busy lives.  “All at once”, which will launch in mid-June, shows a young couple’s relationship unfolding from start to end in one conversation to reflect that people don’t do everything at once and can choose alternative options to paying for their licence in one go. Both conclude with the characters visiting the TV Licensing website, the voiceover by British actress Olivia Colman signing off with the strap line ‘Whatever’s easiest for you’.

The first of the radio trails will air on 28th May. Both TV and radio trails will run in bursts throughout 2011/12, with the two creative executions rotating.

Peter Kirk, Head of Sales and Marketing for TV Licensing at the BBC, said:

“‘Whatever’s easiest for you’ has simple themes outlining clear messages. We’re aware how busy people are and want to help millions more discover it’s easy to renew their licence online at a time when it suits them best.  And it’s not just time pressures that make managing the household bills a burden – budgets are tighter too.  Our website provides all the details people need to make an informed decision about which choice of payment option will work best for them, whether paying in one go or spreading the cost in weekly, monthly or quarterly instalments.”

The TV Licensing website was updated in October 2009, allowing people to quickly and easily buy or renew their TV Licence and manage their details online – from asking questions to changing address or payments details.  In 2009/10 2.1 million people opted to buy their licence via the web (up 13% on the previous year) and, over the same period, average monthly visits rose from 0.6m to 0.8m, representing a rise of 40%, as people turned to the site as their first port of call for anything relating to their TV Licence.

Peter Kirk continued: “Our aim is to make it easy for TV viewers to contact us and increasingly we find that people want to do so online because of the added convenience. Importantly, the more people use the website, the lower the cost of collection* is and the more money is available for BBC programmes and services.”
The new campaign was developed in partnership with AMV BBDO and BBC Media, with TV production by Red Bee Media.  It follows the 'Push a Little Button' creative which launched the new website in January 2010.

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