Licence Plus is not the official TV Licensing website

We are concerned to learn that some people who have bought TV Licences from the website Licence Plus ( have not received their licences. This website is not the official TV Licensing website.

If you have been advised by Licence Plus to contact your bank or card provider to obtain a refund, this may now mean you are unlicensed, and so you will need to buy a TV Licence to ensure you are covered to watch or receive television services lawfully.

You can sign in to view your licence or see if you have one in place.

If you’re not sure what to do, or need any further help, please contact us.

We do not endorse Licence Plus or any other sites offering TV Licensing services. Licence Plus charges customers an additional fee for buying a TV Licence or changing details when these are services we provide for free. We always recommend that customers buy their licences direct from us at

Find out more about unofficial websites.

Note - we have added the information on this page in response to feedback from customers.

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