How does the savings card work?

If you already have a TV Licence, a savings card offers you a simple way to save for your next licence. You can deposit savings whenever you like, with a minimum payment of £2.

Flexible way to save: You can save any amount from £2 whenever you want to. The money you save can only be used to pay for your TV Licence. You can pay online, by text, at a PayPoint or over the phone and a relative or friend can also save for you.

Secure way to save: We have a record of every deposit you make. Even if you lose the card your money is safe.

Easy to check your balance: We'll send you a statement every six months. You can also check your balance at any time.

If you have saved enough money to pay for your next licence four weeks before your existing licence expires, we will use that money to pay for your next licence and issue it automatically. Any extra savings will be put towards your next TV Licence to give you a head start.

If you have not saved enough by the time your licence is due for renewal, you can pay the remaining amount over the phone, by post or at a PayPoint. After you have paid the balance, we will send you a new licence in the post.

You won’t need a PIN or password to use your savings card.

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