Ways to pay

This page tells you about all the ways you can pay for your TV Licence

Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is when you set up a payment to be made from your bank account. A Direct Debit can be good because you do not have to remember when to pay, the bank does it for you. You can use Direct Debit to pay for the total cost of your licence once a year. You can pay in smaller amounts once a month or four times a year. If you pay four times a year you have to pay an extra £5.

Paying with your credit card or your debit card

A credit card lets you borrow money to pay for things.You then have to pay back the money you have borrowed plus some extra. The extra amount is called the interest.

You can use these credit cards to pay for your TV Licence:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

A debit card lets you pay for things using the money you have in your bank.

You can use these debit cards to pay for your TV Licence:

  • Maestro
  • Delta
  • Visa Electron

Paying in cash

You can use the cash payment plan to pay for your first TV Licence in six months. This could cost around £6 every week or around £25.75 if you chose to pay every month. You can pay this way where you see PayPoint* signs, in places like your local shop or supermarket.

To find out more about the cash payment plan call 0300 555 0286*.

Send us a cheque

You can also send us a cheque in the post.

Find out about other ways to pay

* ‘PayPoint’ is not available in the Channel Islands or on the Isle of Man. If you live in the Channel Islands or on the Isle of Man, you can pay at your local post office.


*Calls to our 0300 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive minutes with your mobile, calls to an 0300 number will be included.


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