TV Licensing reminder to caravan owners ahead of summer getaways

With thousands of people about to flock to their favourite UK holiday hotspots over the May Bank holidays, TV Licensing is reminding people to check they are correctly licensed, as some caravan owners will need a second TV Licence.

Although the majority of UK homes are correctly licensed, holidaymakers who plan to watch or record live TV in their static caravan or mobile home will need a second TV Licence if TV receiving equipment is in use at both addresses at the same time. If a TV set or other equipment is never in use at both locations at the same time, one licence will cover both addresses.

Touring caravans and motorhomes are covered by the TV Licence at the holder's home address and so do not require an additional licence. There are over a million caravans in use in the UK, with over 170,000 motorhomes and over 100,000 residential park homes enjoyed by holidaymakers who appreciate the freedom and flexibility of a caravan-based break.1

Jason Hill, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said it was important people understood the differences in licensing requirements between static and touring caravans. "Being caught watching TV without a licence could put a real dampener on your holidays - we want people to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law," he said.

The law is very clear. Anyone who watches or records live programmes on any device, on any channel, or live online, must be covered by a TV Licence. You don't need a separate TV Licence for static caravans, mobile homes or moveable chalets, provided you provided you don't watch TV in both homes at the same time. It's quick and easy to check the requirements online, simply go to www.tvlicensing.co.uk/info

Martin Spencer, technical manager, The Caravan Club said:

As caravanners across the UK look forward to a spring getaway, it's wise to check that you are correctly covered by a TV Licence if you plan to watch TV while you are away. The good news is that you may already be covered by your home licence if holidaying in a touring caravan or motorhome so it's worth taking the time to brush up on the licensing requirements.

No licence is needed for a touring caravan so long as a valid TV Licence is held for the main home address. A TV Licence can be bought in minutes and costs £145.50 for the year. There are a range of ways to pay including weekly, monthly and quarterly payments.

You can find out if you need a licence, buy one or tell us if your details have changed by visiting www.tvlicensing.co.uk/info or contacting us on 0300 790 6112.

1 The Caravan Club: www.caravanclub.co.uk/news-and-events/news/caravanning-a-mainstay-of-uk-tourism

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