Our Privacy Policy has been updated

Delivering online adverts more relevant to you

We will soon be introducing ‘remarketing tags’ on certain pages of our website. These tags will enable us to place cookies on your browser that can then be used to deliver online TV Licensing adverts that are more relevant to you, to limit the number of times those adverts are shown to you and to help us measure their effectiveness.

These cookies (often called ‘advertising cookies’) remember that you visited specific pages on the TV Licensing website and whether you completed certain activities, like paying for a licence, telling us you don’t need one or changing your details. This information is shared with our online media supplier so that they can provide the most relevant advert to you on another website or via a search engine like Google.

These adverts are served a limited number of times to the browser on the device you’re using and also stop if you complete your original transaction via that browser.

This information is not shared with anyone else and cannot be used to identify you personally.

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Sharing data with other parts of the BBC

We may collect information from, or share information with, other parts of the BBC. Your data would only be used for the purposes of collecting and enforcing the licence fee. For instance, we may receive data from other parts of the BBC to help us check if you are using BBC iPlayer and to keep the TV Licensing database accurate and up to date. We may contact you if our records suggest you need a TV Licence.

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