Our refund policy is changing from 1 April 2017

From 1 April, our policy will be to consider refund applications for each complete month that a licence is not required, as long as certain criteria are met. This is a change from current policy, where agreed refunds are given in blocks of three complete months.

We are doing this to simplify our policy, and make refunds fairer and easier to understand. We agreed this with the Government as part of the BBC Charter Renewal White Paper in 2016.

We will provide further information, including a policy statement to describe the changes in detail, from 1 April.

Can I still apply for a refund now?

Yes. You can request a refund now. However, our current policy applies to all refund claims made before 1 April 2017. To apply, or to find out more about refunds and how we calculate them, please visit our cancellations and refunds page.

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