Why you need a TV Licence

The law is changing. From 1 September 2016 you'll need a TV Licence to watch or download BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer. Find out more

To watch or record TV programmes you must have a TV Licence

You only need one TV Licence for your home no matter how many TVs you have. The licence is for the place, not the TV.

You can watch TV programmes in lots of different ways:

  • On a TV set
  • On a computer or laptop
  • On a mobile phone

You might also have:

  • A digital box (sometimes these are called digi boxes)
  • A DVD or video recorder

If you have any of this equipment in your home to watch or record TV programmes you need a TV Licence.

A TV Licence costs:

  • £145.50 for colour TV
  • £49.00 for black and white TV

If you do not watch or record TV programmes you should tell us:

We may send a TV Licensing officer to your home to check that what you have told us is true.

You must be covered by a valid TV Licence if you use TV receiving equipment to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. If you do not get a TV Licence when you should have one you are breaking the law. This means you could be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000.

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