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26 October 2016
TV Licensing survey reveals over 100 names for the TV remote, with viewers wielding the ‘Panic Button’, ‘Fat Enhancer’ and ‘Ronnie Remote’
The top moniker for remote control is simply ‘Remote’, with ‘Doofer’ or ‘Doofah’ in second place and ‘Zapper’ in third place. The survey also shows a marked increase in slang used across the country, with more than 100 regional variations identified. Names favoured in Scotland were ‘Gizmo’, the ‘Whatcha-ma-call–it’ in Wales and the ‘Zapper’ in Northern Ireland
25 September 2016
RNIB urges blind viewers to take advantage of half-price concession, as ‘The Vikings Uncovered’ tops list of audio-described shows
TV Licensing has been working with RNIB to make sure anyone who is eligible to receive the concession is aware and takes advantage of the reduced TV Licence fee. The number of blind concessionary licences has risen by 4% this year, with 41,392 blind concessionary licences issued in the UK1, up from 39,700, the previous year.
26 August 2016
Some TV viewers baffled by TV terminology ahead of iPlayer law change
TV viewers struggle to understand TV terminology such as 'streaming' and 'on demand' according to a new survey carried out by TV Licensing.
29 July 2016
Students will need a licence for BBC iPlayer
The start of the academic year will bring many changes for students, including, for the first time, the need to buy a TV Licence to download or watch BBC programmes on demand.
04 July 2016
TV Licensing reminder to community groups ahead of Olympic screenings
With more than 3,000 hours of live sporting action from Rio this summer, TV Licensing and the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action are joining together to remind community groups and charities to check they are correctly licensed to share the spectacular sporting TV coverage as it happens.
06 June 2016
TV Licensing reminds businesses to be licensed ahead of Euros football tournament
Football fans around the UK are all set to enjoy the European football tournament playing out live on their TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, but some may have to arrange an afternoon off to make sure their employer is kept happy.
01 June 2016
The Night Manager ‘worth the licence fee alone’ as TV Licensing celebrates 70th birthday
The "worth the licence fee" infographic shows the UK’s most valued programmes and popular genres according to Twitter users in the past year. View the top 10 rated by viewers across the UK.
23 May 2016
Calling all Students: Don't miss out on a refund
Students who bought a TV Licence at the start of the academic year will have three full months remaining on their licence, and a refund can be claimed for this unused quarter.
19 April 2016
TV Licensing reminder to caravan owners ahead of summer getaways
With thousands of people about to flock to their favourite UK holiday hotspots over the May Bank holidays, TV Licensing is reminding people to check they are correctly licensed, as some caravan owners will need a second TV Licence.
24 March 2016
Gyms warned they need a TV Licence if customers are watching TV while they exercise
WITH more than 6,000 gyms and health clubs across the UK1, TV Licensing is reminding owners of fitness clubs they need a TV licence if their members watch live TV while they exercise.

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