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08 February 2016
My cat is in labour so I don’t have time to talk to you amongst most ludicrous TV Licence excuses for 2015
Parrots, microwave ovens and the King of Scotland feature in the list of implausible excuses for not having a TV Licence given over the last year. Many from the list have been turned into animations by five of the UK’s leading animation universities in a bid to win a national competition.
01 February 2016
Pub landlords reminded to avoid TV Licence penalty during Six Nations tournament
With rugby’s Six Nations Championship kicking off on 6th February, TV Licensing and the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) are calling on all pub landlords and managers across the home nations to check they are covered by a TV Licence if they plan to show the contest.
28 December 2015
Black and White TV viewing still on song
Nearly 50 years after the former BBC Two controller David Attenborough raced to broadcast colour TV in the UK ahead of his German television colleagues1, 9,356 black and white licences are still in force across the UK.
20 November 2015
TV Licensing reminds over 75s to claim free TV Licence
Anyone aged 75 or over is granted a free TV Licence for their main address and over 4 million1 people across the UK already enjoy the benefits of the concession.
02 November 2015
TV Licensing calls for end to attack on officers
Attacks on TV Licensing enquiry officers have more than doubled in the last year. In the last financial year, 89 enquiry officers were victims of physical assaults by members of the public. This is up from 37 in the previous year and included several instances in which staff were admitted to hospital.
26 October 2015
TV Licensing Over 26,000 unlicensed 18-25 year olds caught across the UK
With 75 per cent of first year undergraduates aged 25 and under2, TV Licensing is reminding freshers that they could face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000 if they are caught watching live TV, on any device, without a TV Licence.
22 October 2015
Freshers find friendship through love for TV
Whether they are Strictly super-fans, or hooked on the latest gossip from TOWIE, over 70 per cent of current university students said they found common ground by striking up conversation about the programmes they love. Students need to be covered by a licence to watch or record TV as its being broadcast, however they are watching, whether on laptops, phones or any other device.
22 October 2015
Moving home? Make sure you update your TV Licence - and don't forget the dog
To make sure they remain correctly licensed to watch television, TV Licensing is reminding home movers and renters to update their details, whether they are moving in or moving out. Over the last year, TV Licensing has helped over 1.6 million3 UK home movers transfer their TV Licence from their old address to their new residence. Details can be changed up to three months before a move, either online at or by calling 0300 790 6112.
16 September 2015
TV Licensing reveals 30% of employees want to watch the World Cup in work
Rugby fans around the UK are set to enjoy the excitement of the World Cup playing out live on their TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones later this month, but some may have to take leave from work to keep their bosses happy.
31 August 2015
TV Licensing launches student radio trails
TV Licensing is targeting students’ parents with its new radio trails, launched this week.

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