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12 May 2017
Prince Harry's girlfriend, a poorly goldfish and a "smart" TV - a year of top TV Licence excuses
TV Licensing marks National Limerick Day (12 May) with Excuses prose
24 April 2017
TV Licensing reveals top moments “worth the licence fee”
Dancing bears from Planet Earth II topped the list of memorable TV moments Twitter users noted as “worth the licence fee”. The phrase was used by more than 5,000 licence fee payers in the past year to recognise moments viewers truly appreciated in return for the licence fee, according to data gathered by TV Licensing over the past year.
19 April 2017
TV Licensing reminder for boat owners
More than a quarter of today’s 33,000 boats moored on UK waterways are used as primary residences as opposed to ten years ago when it was just 10 per cent of 31,000 boats.1
17 March 2017
TV Licensing: Avoid a scrum for licences ahead of Six Nations conclusion
Rugby fans from across the UK and Ireland are expected to flock to their local pub or rugby club to catch a piece of the action and cheer on their local heroes.
27 February 2017
Hairdressers given TV Licensing reminder
Salon managers who attempt to cut corners when styling hair by not buying a TV Licence could be risking having a 'brush' with their local magistrate, which is why TV Licensing is urging managers to ensure their business is correctly licensed.
23 January 2017
TV Licensing reminder for community run pubs
Several communities have risen to the challenge of saving their ‘local’ with 40 groups already successfully taking on ownership of their pubs. A further 1,250 have been listed as ‘assets of community value’ which demonstrates the vital role pubs play in daily life.
27 December 2016
TV Licensing reminds hotel owners to ‘Make sure you're licensed for 2017’
According to the latest industry figures , the UK tourism industry is set to grow further after a bumper year of visits. In 2015/16, tourism brought in £22billion to the UK economy, with 36.1 million overseas visitors to the UK – up 5% on 2014.
15 November 2016
TV Licensing reminds over 75s to claim free TV Licence
As winter approaches, TV Licensing and Age UK are reminding those reaching this landmark birthday in the next 12 months, that they are entitled to claim a free TV Licence. Budgeting can become more challenging as you get older and so TV Licensing has made it easier than ever to apply for the free over 75 licence.
26 October 2016
TV Licensing survey reveals over 100 names for the TV remote, with viewers wielding the ‘Panic Button’, ‘Fat Enhancer’ and ‘Ronnie Remote’
The top moniker for remote control is simply ‘Remote’, with ‘Doofer’ or ‘Doofah’ in second place and ‘Zapper’ in third place. The survey also shows a marked increase in slang used across the country, with more than 100 regional variations identified. Names favoured in Scotland were ‘Gizmo’, the ‘Whatcha-ma-call–it’ in Wales and the ‘Zapper’ in Northern Ireland
25 September 2016
RNIB urges blind viewers to take advantage of half-price concession, as ‘The Vikings Uncovered’ tops list of audio-described shows
TV Licensing has been working with RNIB to make sure anyone who is eligible to receive the concession is aware and takes advantage of the reduced TV Licence fee. The number of blind concessionary licences has risen by 4% this year, with 41,392 blind concessionary licences issued in the UK1, up from 39,700, the previous year.

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