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16 August 2013
Taking your TV? Move your TV Licence on a Monday
According to figures released today by TV Licensing, August is the busiest month for moving house, so TV Licensing is reminding summer home movers and renters to ‘take their TV Licence with them.’
02 August 2013
TV Licensing back on the box with two new trails
TV Licensing will return to the small screen this weekend with a new TV trail demonstrating the ease with which home-movers can transfer their TV Licence to a new address online.
02 August 2013
TV Licensing reminds hotel owners to get licensed
The UK is basking in sunshine, schools have broken up and the summer getaway has begun. With the bank holiday fast approaching, hotels across the UK look set for a busy August. So before the mid-summer rush for rooms really starts, TV Licensing is appealing to hotels and guest houses across the UK to make the sure they are correctly licensed.
05 July 2013
Holiday happiness comes with a TV Licence
With the summer holidays nearly upon us, TV Licensing is raising awareness with first time campers and experienced caravanners alike about the need to be correctly licensed if they are watching live TV from their tent, caravan or mobile home.
17 June 2013
TV Licensing's top TV Licence dodger excuses
BAFTA award winning animators bring excuses to life on TV Licensing YouTube channel
06 June 2013
Enjoy live beats and balls with a TV Licence
No matter the weather, this year’s summer will be extra special with more than 310 hours of live TV music and sporting events
23 May 2013
Keep your boat afloat with a TV Licence
TV Licensing and the Residential Boat Owners’ Association have come together to help to raise awareness among boat owners of TV Licence rules.
14 May 2013
TV Licensing launches student refund campaign
As students across the UK prepare for their exams, TV Licensing is reminding those moving home for the summer to claim a refund on their TV Licence, worth £36.37.
17 April 2013
TV Licensing marks 35 years of home recording
Nearly a third of UK households (29 per cent) are still using the very first ground breaking “timeshifting” TV technology – the humble VCR, TV Licensing today reported. TV Licensing marks 35 years of home recording
15 March 2013
TV Licencing reveals elation across the nation
We are TeleHappy: A look at the UK’s changing viewing habits from TV Licensing reveals annual viewing trends and the nation’s TeleHappiness Index.

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